FIFA 17 Alexis Sanchez Rating Prediction

  • Alexis was brilliant for Arsenal in his first season in moving from Barcelona two years ago but didn’t repeat the same form last season. Some pointed to fatigue from winning the Copa America with Chile last summer but he did the same this summer as they had another rendition of the tournament in North America as Sanchez and Chile won it again. If you need fifa 17 ps4 coins, just click it.

    The 27-year-old scored 16 goals and assisted 8 in his maiden Gunner Premier League term but succeeded it with 13 goals and 4 assists, albeit in six less starts.

    The Chilean is part of a quality Arsenal side, one that makes you wonder if they truly had the most talent last year. They didn’t catch many injuries and had a season in which Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United all ranged from disappointing to painfully underwhelming. The only teams to punch above their weight were Tottenham and Leicester, the two teams that should have finished ahead of Arsenal, if not for Tottenham capitulating in the last few weeks.

    Sanchez is the caliber of player that could be the guy on a title-winning team, but Arsenal still didn’t get it done. Arsene Wenger has caught criticism in recent years for his lack of titles with the squads he’s had and last year was case in point.

    Back to the virtual reality, Sanchez sticking with an 86 feels fair. He’s someone who could be an 87 off the strength of two seasons ago or 85 from last season, so we’ll settle in the middle with a year of stasis, staying at 86.