Experts call the sphere of information technology in Ukraine one of the most promising and promising sectors of the domestic economy. What future awaits the Ukrainian IT market was dealt with by

According to the recently published annual Global Outsourcing rating from the IAOP Association, 18 Ukrainian companies are among the world's top 100 providers of outsourcing. This is 13 organizations more than in 2015. The head of the supervisory board of the Lviv IT cluster, Andrei Pavliv, explains the growth of this indicator by the entry of foreign IT companies into our country. For example, Belarus, where this sector enjoys state support and has three high-tech fleets, has been represented in the rating by only six organizations for several years in a row.

The positive dynamics of growth was noted by the specialists of the Indian consulting company Avasant, who calculated that since 2009 the outsourcing market in Ukraine has grown 4.8 times, with a worldwide rate of 1.7 for the same period. Ukrainian freelancers do not "drowse" either. According to the service of IT recruiting topsdev, in 2016 Ukraine was the first in the market of freelance outsourcing in Eastern Europe with a share of 33%, leaving behind Russia, Romania and Serbia. The main customers of IT services were the United States (54%) and Great Britain (10%).

The balance of Ukraine's revenues from the export of IT services is steadily growing. According to the NBU report, in 2017, he brought to the state budget 2.25 billion dollars. According to the president of the Ukrainian Analytical Center Oleksandr Ohrymenko, this year the trend towards an increase in this indicator will continue and at the end of the decade the export of information technologies will be able to completely cut off $ 2.9 billion ., which the country receives from the transit of gas. The main reason for the growth of the expert calls cheapness of life in Ukraine in comparison with Europe.

Despite this, Ukraine's performance in the world market remains more than modest. According to the report of the analytical company IDC, the share of the domestic information technology industry in the world is 0.35%. In 2016, our country exported IT services to other states for a total of $ 3.2 billion, taking the place between Costa Rica and Morocco. At the same time, Poland's income from similar exports amounted to 16.3 billion dollars, and the undisputed leader of the rating was the US with a profit of 177.8 billion dollars.

David McIntyre, director of research at Nelson Hall (USA), considers Ukraine's closest competitors in terms of price / quality criteria in the European market - Poland, and in the market in the Western Hemisphere - Latin American countries.