Medical devices

Kambler is the distributor of the products of Israeli companies engaged in the development of robotic technological solutions, providing implementation of predictable, effective and accurate surgical procedures using a laser. This set of tools allows you to create a "surgical plan" that separates the surgeon's analytical process from the actual operation. During the operation, the surgeon fulfills the plan as an effective and predictable procedure.

These technologies also have anatomy recognition mechanisms that read images and recognize anatomical functions based on advanced and thoughtful algorithms.

Leading hospitals in the world use such technologies for surgical treatment of the spine, because this kind of procedures require planning and accuracy, due to the uniqueness of the anatomy problems of each patient.

Innovative laser technology can be used for various stereotactic procedures of the brain. Since it provides high-precision access to areas of the brain where intervention is required. New technologies allow to open a 360-degree working volume for surgeons to easily change trajectories in real time.

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