Medicine in Ukraine

In modern Ukraine, the development of medicine is also given special attention in public policy. The main body supervising medicine is the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:

In recent years, numerous reforms of the medical system have been carried out. Massively new medical facilities are opening, new modern equipment is being purchased.

In the basis of private health programs, providing the population with quality medical services and equipment of a new generation is very important. Newborns, children and students regularly undergo all necessary examinations. Medical centers create their own polyclinics and hospitals at the universities of Ukraine, are able to receive all those in need and provide the necessary medical assistance.

The medical science of Ukraine can be proud of great scientists who have made a huge contribution to the development of medicine at the international level. So, it is worth remembering Nikolai Amosov, an innovator and pioneer in cardiology; a man who became one of the first doctors to practice surgical intervention in the treatment of heart disease, and thus gave a push to all modern heart medicine.

Alexander Bogomolets also made a huge contribution to the development of medicine. He could radically change the idea of ​​mankind about the growth and development of tumors, creating an innovative theory of the interaction of the tumor and the body. In the name of Alexander Bogomolets was named the best medical university in Ukraine, which is located in Kiev - Kiev National Medical University. A. Bogomolets.